S'io Esca Vivo - Cover

S'io Esca Vivo

* Karin Fernandes plays Edson Zampronha.

Piano: Karin Fernandes
Composer: Edson Zampronha
Year: 2013

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1. Lamento (piano)
2. S'io Esca Vivo (three pianos)
3. Ciaccona (piano and percussion) 
4. Fantasia (clarinet, violin, cello and piano)
5. Composition for Piano VII (piano)
6. Feroce (piano and cello)

Special guests:
* Adriana Holtz (cello) / Ana de Oliveira (violin) / Luis Afonso Montanha (clarinet) / Ricardo Bologna (percussion).

READ a conversation between Edson Zampronha and Maurício Ayer 
about the works included in this CD (in Portuguese).


 CD Sensibile



* The piano music of Edson Zampronha wonderfully perormed by Attilio Mastrogiovanni.

Composer: Edson Zampronha
Piano: Attilio Mastrogiovanni
Year: 2006

To purchase: Clássicos

1. Fragmentos Reduzidos de uma História Muito Longa (Reduced Fragments of a Very Large Story)
2. Composition for Piano Four Hands and Two Comments
3. Prelúdio (prelude)
4. Figuração Interpretada (Interpreted Figuration)
5. Concerto for Piano and Electroacoustic Sounds
Bonus track: Composition for Piano III (performed by the composer)

* Discover the Rebirth of Sentibility in Recent Concert Music.


 CD Modelagens



* A colecction of works by Zampronha performed by brilliant performers                              
Composer: Edson Zampronha
Year: 2003

1. Modelagem XIII - Sinfonía Cultura Orchestra (Lutero Rodrigues, dir.)
2. Modelagem II - Piano (Beatriz Balzi)
3. O Crescimento da Árvore sobre a Montanha (The Grouth of a Tree on a Mountain) - Electroacoustic
4. Modelagem III - Flute (Celina Charlier)
5. Mármore (Marble) - Tuba (Jesús Jara) and Electroacoustics
6. Modelagem VIII - Percussion (Eduardo Gianesella) and computer
2. Fragmentation - Electroacoustics

* Enter into the body of sounds and discover a new world of interactions with listening.
* Sound is a plastic material plenty of emotions.