Edson Zampronha explains the music of our time! His communicative and enthusiastic courses, lectures and workshops have conquered all kinds of audiences. 

Edson Zampronha is an internationally renowned composer and an outstanding communicator - ABC (Spain).

Talk of Edson Zampronha


Some talks given:

- How I use semiotics for music composition

- The essential techniques for an experimental composer.

- Interactivity is the key! Learn how to use it in music and sound installations!

- Creativity: five excellent procedures to expand your creative horizons

- Using technology for composing, performing and producing music.

- How to connect music with film, theater, dance and other medias.

- There are three aesthetic trends only! Which of these is yours?

- Music and emotions: how do they connect?

- Birds in music - some (more than) exciting similarities with nature!

- The importance of intertextuality in new music!

- Meaning in postmodern music - an unprecedented revelation!